Saturday, March 2, 2013

“Home is the nicest word there is.”

Lately I've really been missing Springtime and all of the lovely things that accompany it. I miss the honeysuckles and the vibrant greenery. I miss the Easter celebrations with my family and exploring outside. I took these pictures this past April at my childhood home as my Dad, my niece, and I walked around outside. We were enjoying the comfortable weather and enjoying the scenery. Berries were growing and ripening. We would eat them straight from the tree. Caterpillars were exploring as well. The biggest thing I miss about living at home is being close to nature. My parent's house is out in the middle of the woods with no distractions or interruptions. You can walk around barefoot and talk, yell, or sing as loud as you want. You can wear ridiculous clothing and not bother with anyone seeing you. I miss the sounds of the crickets, bugs, and various animals. I miss the smell of the air. The trees, overgrown grass, flowers, everything. I miss seeing the wildflowers pop up at the most random places. I miss finding fungi of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I miss the muddy swamp water, the cypress knees, and my Dad's bamboo. I miss the random tools and junk leaning against trees. I miss the sunbeams beating down on your body and the sun peaking out from behind the trees, illuminating all of the leaves. I miss seeing things that haven't changed since I was a kid, like handmade wooden squirrel feeders nailed onto trees. Wooden planks made into a bridge to cross a ditch. Even though right now I live a few hours away in the "city", this will always be my home. This is where I made my clubhouses with my friends. This is where I developed my imagination. This is where I got my scrapes and bruises. This is where I had my sleepovers and where I made all of my memories. This is where I came from.

My dad always carries a gun when we take walks into the
 woods in case we get attacked by a gang of snakes. We never do.


  1. OMG thank God for no snakes!, this is such a beautiful place, i would love a place like it, except for the snakes :)

  2. I love it. The line about your Dad carrying the gun to shoot snakes reminds me of a story I've heard many times from my Grandpa who grew up in the backwoods and hills of Tennessee. He said his Grandma always had a gun so she could shoot rattlesnakes.

  3. Wowzas, what a gorgeous property! Sometimes I forget how little time I've actually spent outside amongst nature since everytime I go to the park I'm like "WHAT IS THAT?! WHAT IS THAT NOISE? IS THAT POISONOUS? WHAT IF A SERIAL KILLER IS FOLLOWING ME?!". I'm ridiculous haha and need to go outside more.


  4. When I visit you in Louisiana, I want to go here. Really. You know me; you know I'll just want to wander, take photos of everything. Drink it all in. The details. The big things. The sky. The grass. The rust. Take it all in and treasure it, because it means something to you.

  5. You have a lovely place back there! ;) I kind of miss being with my dad in our garden. Sadly, that garden is gone now. I am happy for you, this place is still existing. Anyway, I want to walk around that place. It seems very nice (and creepy but I dont care hahaha)! :D


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