Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't you want to know??

how my blog got started, what my favorite thing about summer is, if I prefer Ryan Gosling or Robert Pattinson, or some blogs I'm currently loving?
Well then, click HERE to check out my interview on Carmen's blog, Cheeky Cheeky!

Carmen is one of my favorite bloggers. Period. She is hilarious and one of those people you know would be fun to drink with. Or party with.
Or do anything with really. She can be outspoken and her jokes are sometimes uncensored and I LOVE it. I love a girl that will speak her mind and isn't afraid to go there for that joke or laugh. That's Carmen. 
So please go stalk her blog for awhile. There's a 100% chance you will laugh. Srsly.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pointless Points.

Hello everybody! It's about time for me to rant
 a little, or tell you some random thing I noticed
 lately, or a stupid story with no real importance.
 That's right; it's time for some "Pointless Points"! 

So the other day I was driving in my car with my radio off and my cell phone on silent. I don't know why I had the radio off, that makes me seem weird, but I know for sure that the car was completely silent. Well, all of a sudden I heard a "Beep". Like a technological computer machine like "Beep" inside my car.  Now, my car is old and crappy so I don't have anything technology-like that beeps and my phone was on silent, like I said. I'm also sure it was inside the car and not outside like a car honking or something. Well, my first thought when I heard that "Beep" was that there was a killer in the backseat and he forgot to turn his cell phone on silent and maybe he's popular and he just got a text message. I turned and looked in the back seat real fast and surprisingly enough, there was no killer? Moral of the story: I didn't die. But I almost peed myself while driving. 

It was ALMOST this brutal. 
So, the other day I was sitting in the recliner 
and my dog, Barney, brought
me his ball to throw for him. He's a fetch addict,
 but that's a different story.
Well, I kept my eyes on the screen and threw his
 ball towards the hallway for
him to chase. Well, apparently God was in need 
of a laugh that day because
the ball hit the wall and bounced back and hit me
 in the face. 
I felt extreeeemely cool.

So, remember on my last "Pointless Points" post 
seen here I talked about hanging out with
my friend's kid? Well, I'm really awkward and bad 
with kids so I've been trying to
talk to them more. Usually, our conversations sound 
a lot like Zach Galifianakis's interviews
with kids. Well after me and Lanee's "poop" conversation
 from last week, we ended up talking about more
mature things this week. At one point I asked her,
 "What is your dream job?"
Her answer was, "A rat's job, eating cheese".
 She didn't even pause! It was like
she's always knows what her dream job was. We
 later ended up talking about
ferrets, farts, how ferrets smell like farts,
 and many other scholarly topics. 
The other day, I needed some razor cartridges but
 I didn't want to go to Walmart so I thought I could just
run to Walgreen's and get some but then I'd be paying
 "drugstore pricing" which is like double the price at Walmart.
So, to save money I drove the extra few miles to Walmart.
I made a pact with myself to go in and just buy the
 one cheap thing I needed.
 I came home with a Swiffer WetJet and wine.
 Nailed it.

I'm addicted to playing 'Family Feud' on my phone.
I'm not even going to tell you how many coins I have. 
Well, sometimes I get really upset when my awesome answers
aren't on the board. Like, what 100 people did you survey? 
Obviously 100 people I would 
NOT want to be friends with
Example: One question was something like, 
"Name a handsome US president". 
I, of course, answered Abraham Lincoln. NOTHING.
Bill Clinton got like 21 points, but nothing for Abe?
(I totally forgot about scumbag-hottie Kennedy).
Example 2: Question was, "Name an artist whose
paintings sell for millions". 
I, of course, answered Bob Ross. NOTHING. 

So, the other day at work there was this fat little red head kid probably about 9 or 10.  He had a shirt on that was orange and said, "Annoying" on it. Nothing else. Just the word, "annoying". Well, when he came to check out with his grandma he was blocking the way for other customers carrying heavy things and just being totally unaware of his surroundings AKA annoying. Even customers were kind of rolling their eyes at him. I even came to find out that co-workers in the other departments were talking about how annoying he was and how it was funny because of his shirt. 
What I'm thinking about is how this kid isn't old enough to buy his own clothes yet, so that means his parents still
buy his clothes. And that means, that his mom hates him so much that she wanted to warn the outside world
of how annoying her son is. Ready for the twist? 
That woman and that annoying kid came back the next
3 days in a row. The next day, his shirt said "Mistake". 
Just kidding. 

P.S. Once again, this post was not meant to offend you if you have an annoying redheaded son or if you were one of the 100 people
they questioned for Family Feud.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I love cups.

Well, not just cups. These are a few pictures I took awhile back of some of my old cups I've collected. Since then, I've added quite a few more. I even have a few boxes of cool different coffee cups and stuff that I don't have room to display. I think I may be a hoarder.

I'm hoping to take some more updated pictures soon! 
P.S. Do you like to collect awesome cups?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ladies of the Week

I love Mary-Kate and Ashley. A lot. When people trash talk them now-a-days, I'm the first to jump in and defend them. I've loved them since I was a little girl and they made the best detective movies, holiday-themed movies, pre-teen romance movies, etc. I had so many of their movies and the last time I said, "We'll solve any crime by dinner time" was only about 4 months ago. I loved the movies they put out as kids and as I got older, they only adapted to fit my needs even more. As I turned into a pre-teen, they started putting out nail polish and glittery makeup and clothes that were made just for me. I loved that Ashley was supposed to be the girly one that wore skirts and Mary-Kate was the tomboy that wore jeans. Then they turned into teenagers and started shying away from the limelight. They both got super skinny and Mary-Kate might have had some experimenting with drugs and anorexia(okay, we all know she did), but I still loved them. I love the show "Gossip Girl", but I'll be the first one to say Taylor Momsen looks so much better without that raccoon eye makeup on. Well, I don't even say anything when MK and Ashley were raccoon makeup. They can do whatever they want and in my eyes, they are perfect. 
As the three of us(MK, Ashley, and myself) grew into adults, Mary-Kate and Ashley turned into amazing businesswomen. They were marketing geniuses and have totally earned every penny(which is a lot of them!) that they have. Now, they are fashion moguls, designers, and have even written a book. 

Facts about Mary-Kate and Ashley:
  • When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wore bandannas in one of their movies, it sparked a run on bandannas in the United States. This gave them the idea to start a line of clothes.
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are not identical twins. Mary-Kate is an inch taller than Ashley. Ashley has a freckle above her lip and Mary-Kate does not. Mary-Kate's a lefty; Ashley is right-handed and 2 minutes older. 
  • Weeks before turning 18, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen skipped their prom to host Saturday Night Live.
  • They had to wear fake teeth during Full House because they were losing teeth at different rates and needed to have the same smile.
  • They were the first twins to get a joint star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thrift Store Scores! -I need your help on this one.

I have no idea what this is really. It's a glass
 fox/deer inside of a wooden display thing.
I thought about adding some moss or something
and making a terrarium.
I don't know though. What is the hook for?
Do you know what this originally was?

I got these two embroiderys for 25 cents but
they're all stained up. 
I figured for that price, I could try to
salvage them.
They look like water stains or something. 
Do you have any advice on how to fix/clean them?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Movie Monday- Zombie Edition

So, I watched this really odd movie the other night called "Fido". The movie takes place in a 1950s-esque alternate universe where the dead turn into zombies and you can put these shock collars on them and use them as servants or slaves or kind of a pet? It's only rated PG13 but it has some pretty risque jokes. The neighbor has a young blonde zombie that's like his sex slave or his girlfriend. The mom kinda falls in love with the zombie and the zombie is the little boy's best friend. In general though, the concept of the movie is kind of cool to think about. The kids are allowed to play alone with the zombies and just like dog collars, sometimes the "zombie collars" can malfunction and the zombie could accidentally kill. 
All in all, I enjoyed the retro decor of the houses and the outfits of the characters. So, if you're in the mood to watch a "Stepford" like twist on zombies, then here's your movie. 

P.S. Has anyone else ever seen this movie? What were your thoughts on it?!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vintage 'Bad Girl' Mugshots.

I stumbled upon these old mugshots the other day and I thought they were too cool not to share. Hope you enjoy them!

Look at those eyebrows! 

Hilary Swank?

She reminds me of this actress.

Love this one! That hat and hair is too cool. 

Great eyeliner!

This girl was arrested 3 separate times! 

P.S. If you want to see the total collection, click here
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